Another tiny update

Hello friends, this is Alex.

We’d like you to keep coming back and checking out our site, so we’re going to try to start having posts more often.

Look tomorrow for an in depth review of Gone Home from yours truly!


Hello friends, we have an important update!

Due to a change in publishers, we are extending our deadline for submissions to April 1st!

As it was before, we are still looking for your creative, honest, well-crafted works on gaming. We want to invite gamers who have felt excluded by gaming communities into the open to show the face of games to be as talented as it is varied. This anthology is for everyone who have felt they needed a guest pass through the worlds of digital or analog gaming. Although we accept submissions from everyone, our mission statement on diversity allows for marginalized audiences such as women, people of color and those who identify within the LGBT+ spectrum to be given specific attention.

We are looking for the following:

Color, as well as black and white visual art, 6 pieces or up to 6 pages of one work

Poetry (up to 6 poems)

Prose, both fiction and non-fiction, up to 3000 words

Please send your submissions to, along with a short biographical statement that includes how your life is influenced by games and gaming. Previously published work is acceptable, as long as you hold or can obtain reprint rights.

If you have any questions you can message this page, or email us. We look forward to seeing your submissions. Game on!

New DLC! (Or Update, whatever)

Hi everyone,

Noel here. Alex and I are proud to announce that we will be accepting art submissions for the anthology! So you can send us your sequential art, photography, scanned artwork–we will be more than happy to accept! We are still hammering out the details, such as resolution and format (as we will probably be pulling someone on board to be an art editor) but our restriction for right now are that it has to be B&W and if graphic art, limited to 6 pages.

On the other front, we will be doing a series of interviews in a few days. We want to show the diversity of the video game (and general game) community. If we’ve contacted you, expect an email in a few days from us. If you’re interested in contributing, please shoot us an email at and put the word “Interview” in the subject heading so we can keep it all together.

See you next update,


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Welcome to Press Start & Game On!

Everybody games. With the different levels of gaming, from tabletop to card games to video games (mobile, console or PC), there’s a level of gaming in all our lives. Gaming touches us in ways both positive and negative.

We, the editors at Press Start & Game on are here for this of us who feel like you needed a guest pass into the gaming world. Were you ever told you couldn’t be a gamer? Told that it wasn’t for you? We’re here to say that games and game culture are open for everyone.

Call for submissions are coming up soon enough and this website will serve as a means of touching base on this ever-evolving project.

Here’s to us and the gaming world.

Alex & Noel